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* * hotel was established in * * years, is located in * *, is set tourism, catering, accommodation, conference reception, business activities. The hotel the whole building for antique styled building, covering an area of - three thousand two hundred square meters, the hotel opened more than ten for years, always aiming to the international first-class hotel study, through scientific management, has trained a number of management personnel, and achieved significant achievement.

Hotel since opening, has repeatedly successful reception leaders, celebrities, men of letters and the foreign guests from all over the world, leaving - tablets in fenjiu culture ZanYuSheng, through the hotel this window, set up a group company and external communication and dissemination of culture friendship bridge.

Accommodation: high, medium grade 9 suites, standard room two 80 rooms.
Conference reception: can hold 250 people, the multi-function conference hall 1, small and medium-sized conference reception room 7.
Food: restaurant provides to xx wine, green bamboo snake, white jade, rose and alcohol series products, large banquet hall 1 and different styles of small restaurant 8, one can arrange 400 people dining at the same time.
Shopping: hotel wines hall mainly sells to this company produces the to xx wine series products to the tourism commodity, and with strong local style of tourist souvenirs, hotel equipped with tea and coffee shop on the second floor and other service facilities.

Entertainment: hotel pilin company cultural activity center, there are outdoor swimming pool, indoor table tennis room, badminton hall, light ball activities, football field, gym, chess &cards room, the library reading room.
Business center: equipped with typing, photocopying, fax and broadband Internet access business.
Front desk: provide service and consulting, agency of aircraft, tickets, etc.

About hotel
1 one of the world's most hotel intercontinental hotel intends to launch a new hotel brand in Hong Kong
2. Extends to the sea hotel 10 place the most suitable for the boy confession of love love
3. Serviced suite features
4. VIP pavilion designed for VIP floor guests provide breakfast
5. Free use VIP cabinet meeting rooms
6. Daily ironing suit or dress a
7. Enjoy laundry and valet services ninety percent discount

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